Saturday, July 31, 2010

great feet, clicky heels.

carmen amaya
the rocket's adonis phd cousin and his aphroditic med-school gf paid us a visit last week and it was really great.  and they showed us a video of the hottest flamenco dancer i have ever seen. it's safe to assume that she is among the cluster of new crushes i've been collecting [whoa alliteration!] this season.  so bloody sexy, with just enough butch in that femme to make a fella crazy.

so, if you haven't heard or seen of her yet, i introduce to you the very great carmen amaya.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

batter my heart, three person'd god

hey folks, just wanted to let you know that even if you aren't fellow bloggers, you can still comment on posts and check off interesting, great, joy, or wtf!

i like short fiction.  quite a bit.  it's my modus operandi.
it's very different than poetry in that it doesn't suck.
okay, that's crude.  
poetry is pretty great if your last name is shange, donne or cohen.
but leonard cohen is a poet/songwriter/musician - so he's kind of like a mutation of a poet.
a really awesome mutation like that of doctor manhattan.

i don't really know where i'm going with this.
i'm just pretty into those three.
and other mutation poets like tom waits, joanna newsom, kate bush and the like.

what about you?
do you have any mutation poets to suggest?
tom waits

Sunday, July 25, 2010

animals are lovers

i think it's really important for us as humans to pay homage to our animal friends. animals are lovers.
at their most primal, they can lock eyes with us and communicate a deep understanding. deeper than many humans. sometimes, my oldest cat stella and i stare at one another and i know that she is purring at my very soul.

consider christian the lion.

consider also tara the elephant and bella the dog.

and the now-famous kittens inspired by kittens.

animals are great.
so powerful!
so majestic!

<== this is stella.  isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

for the end is coming

the long winding trail up the backs of your legs are places i peek through.
i couldn’t bear it if you rushed out on me to fetch anything but more time.

there is more to this.

here is every place for us.
these tall lands, these strong hands.
the overworked wild water pushes against our ankles
rushes around us, so happy to see you.
we belong here, we don’t belong anywhere else.

when you absently twist the hair at my neck, i feel fed and full.
it’s enough just to know i’m on the wire, here.

it’s going to be a war.
it’s going to be a hot day.
heavy as a grave.
we will push up against the soil
wrap our fingers to the roots, tug above us.
there is no reprieve.
no give.

there will be a last breath and it won’t be ours.

if i open my mouth wide enough, hymns trickle out
trailed by the loyal march of every ode.
when you touch me, i colour myself everywhere.

i could reign over love, with your heart on my left side.
in my left side.

i crown myself the ruler of the crown.
i run this town by the book of you.
i place my hand on your chest and the oath is we are here.

there is no return for these days.
these moments have enough weight to bury.

we are not the ones dying.
life is beautiful.
here we are.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

your love is my drug

hi guys!  what a great morning.  ke$ha is playing on the radio and it looks like rain.  because my view from this office looks out into the country, the encroaching clouds look so powerful.  we really have no control over anything in this world.  just how we look at it.

Publish Post
photo by sasha ormond
speaking of perspectives.  my two-colour-eyed partner, the rocket, has a flickr page full of her breathtaking photography.  she's a pretty astonishing person and she finds/makes beautiful photographs.  her current preferred method is polaroid, instant film, plastic cameras.  i've never seen polaroids look so good.  she's a genius, so please admire her work.  if you like it enough, join the art of the letter facebook group, submit your address and she just might send you a beautiful print with a story.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

feed the idiot box. feed the idiot box.

before i begin my spike lee stroke-and-punch, i really need to tell you guys about something really great.  it's a pixel game called cream wolf.  you're an ice cream gentleman/lady who rides around town playing your creepy music and making ice cream cones for eager children.  upon the arrival of a full moon, you lead them back to your home where you transform into... CREAM WOLF!  after you eat kids, you obtain new and exciting ice cream flavours to feed to more little children.  be careful not to run into the po-po or any news vans or you'll be busted or discovered!

onto the stroke-and-punch:

i have always been hesitant to watch spike lee "joints" because of all the hubbub surrounding him and his politics and rumoured white-hatred.

but a few months ago, i watched bamboozled (2000).  it was my first spike lee film and it's never left me.  it is intelligent, funny, insightful, moving, disturbing.  really excellent.  definitely in my top __ movies of all time.  [ASIDE - this film has some of the greatest character names around:  pierre delacroix, honeycutt, manray, junebug, big blak afrika].  watch this movie.  WATCH IT. learn.

last night, however, the rocket and i watched spike lee's 2004 disaster, she hate me.  wtf, guys.  wtf.  this movie was so unrepresentative of what spike lee is capable of.  i spent half of the time with a furrowed brow and my shoulders to my ears.  i do not know what he was trying to say.  is giving your "man milk" to wannabe-lesbian-mom's an honourable or a shameful thing?  is this a homophobic film? does it really pay to be the whistleblower to a large corporation on the cusp of finding a vaccination against the HIV virus?  what the hell is happening, here?  this movie is junk. i hate thee, she hate me.  watch bamboozled, scoff at she hate me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

words that are great

just in case you were worried i was vapid, here's something from leonard cohen's first novel, the favourite game:

we writers [and you writers/photographers/dancers/thinkers/artists all] spend our whole lives in agony trying to write a line like this.  "poor lousy urban matador" is one of countless literary boners you will experience in this masterpiece.

i recommend this beauty for anybody who wants to dip their toe into the proverbial cohen ocean without getting wet [that's what she said!].  seriously, though.   i'm new to cohen's written word and this was a perfect way to settle in.  next stop, the spice-box of earth.

you pick up all the sluts off the streets and screw them in secret

so the rocket introduced me to wicked-awesome musical virtuoso Icy Spicy Leoncie.  my personal favourite is the spectacular raunch of sex crazy cop.  in this catchy little tune, icy spicy leoncie berates her cop boyfriend [not even a real detective] for picking up sluts and "screwing them in secret". she also tells us that her sex crazy bf bangs those sluts all around town while she works all day at the disco.  i think her frustration is totally justified.  if i were working all day at the disco, i certainly wouldn't want to have to come home and deal with a guy who only likes cheap sex [cheap sex!].  what a jerk!

the use of "bang" also really strikes me as something uniquely great.

this song is vastly different than icy spicy leoncie's more playful teenage boy in town - where she admires what is hiding in that little youngsters trousers.  trousers.  also, unforgivable mall dance!

i smell a crossover artist sensation! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

great odds

what are the odds that i'd be listening to patti smith's hey joe and someone would call in to work and my co-worker would answer and say "hey joe"?  i'd say the odds are pretty righteous.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

guys, remember this?

who would have thought that my attempt at film reviewing would be deemed too much for my little hometown? i think they were turned off by my reference to scissoring - which i imagined would have had such a great effect.

so, in an effort to redeem myself, i'm posting it here.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Patricia Rozema
STARRING: Pascale Bussières, Rachael Crawford, Henry Czerny and Don McKellar [suck bag].

Catholic professor (Camille) meets travelling circus wild child (Petra). Your typical U-Haul lesbian love story, complete with one-liners that make you cringe and a feel good message that might make you cry, in spite of yourself.

I watched this film for the first time when I was fifteen; I missed a lot of the plot because I was dry-humping my girlfriend. I’ve had a soft spot for it ever since. [that's what she said]

I think it’s important for me to point out that this is one of the very few lesbian films that cast attractive women. These ladies are smoking hot and it definitely made it worth watching, even through the scenes poisoned by Don McKellar’s sucking. One of Canada’s greats? Kill me now. How is it fair that this guy is feeding his family with his “art”? [just realizing that the male equation of our across-the-hall neighbours - whom we have nicknamed "the assholes" - looks just like douche mckellar.  and even though i sympathize with the recent death of his pretty awesome wife, Tracy Wright, i still think he sucks]

What can I say? I love these lezzo films. They’re so exceedingly schmaltzy, and chock full of amazing and memorable one-liners such as, “Camille, I’d love to see you in the moonlight with your head thrown back and your body on fire”. What?! This is gold. Pure lesbian gold.

Get this, a circus performer in flood pants and combat boots seduces a Christian mythology professor with a dead dog in her refrigerator in less than 24 hours. How does this happen? Maybe a strategically shot arrow into a window by a tree-climbing stalker? Maybe a conveniently out-of-town syrupy sweet boyfriend? Maybe a sex scene involving the elusive scissor position? Am I making this up? You should watch and find out.

I will never get enough of this movie. Ever.

things that are great!

after much deliberation, i've decided to waste/utilize my time via blog. mostly, i'm going to post links and subsequent commentary on videos, photos, music and other internet ephemera. and sometimes i'll talk about things that are pretty great.

like you. you're pretty great. and marina abramovic. she's prolific.

i'd be remiss to ignore the amazing new fad i learned about today. it's called i-dosing. basically, you attempt to put yourself in a meditative state while listening to various signals and tones for an exhaustive 10 minutes. the theory is that it should stimulate your brain in the same way that peyote and other such hallucinogens do. one might assume that the result is euphoria. my opinion is that the result is probably a panic attack.