Saturday, November 20, 2010

great hangover!

a word to the wise: always write when you are hungover.

thank you to the alpine-skier-balkan-swede for ushering me back into the fold with your mighty arm and knowing gaze.  you were the still force in the thumping pulse of the dance floor.  you tilted your head, reached out that mighty arm and beckoned me forth with your tree fingers.  you, waiting patiently, rested that magnificent hand on my back and gently urged me back into the circle of dancing kin. your eyes smiled and whispered,  "be happy, small one.  you have found your people once more."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

great recovery!!!

hello my little tenders!
i've missed you terribly.
this cozy little home of ours was temporarily lost to the world.
but we are back!
most of the photos i posted are no longer active links, but that's okay, we can move on from this with open eyes and open hearts.

the world is still beautiful.
there is still joy.
let's hold hands across the wide universe!
there is joy!
we are here!