Thursday, March 17, 2011

great people!

green beer is for suckers, guys.
chin up, feet forward.
fists to yourselves, please.
keep grinning, little tender ones.
sing a song, make a toast, kiss your neighbour.
try not to be a douche bag on the day reserved for my glorious people.

here are some famous quotes by irish people:
"that's my breakfast lunch and dinner right there." - colin farrell in reference to the vagina [sheath or scabbard, whaaaaaaaat?].
i'll stop there.  i can't imagine continuing after that little gem.

may we all be alive this time next year!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

take the great risk!

you will die.
the inevitability of this is certain. our knowledge of this is irrefutable. it keeps us - more often than not - careful, safe, aware. it can keep us, even more often than this, scared.  sounds boring, does it not?

what we do not understand is our capacity to live.
what we can guarantee, however, is that we are - every day - given an opportunity to be something to someone, something to anything. in this life, today, right now, this moment.

our capacity to live is almost inconceivable to us.
we do it without thinking.
is that not incredible to you?
you are existing right now with no awareness of it at all.
why are you not totally freaking out?
why are you not screaming in fits of joy at this discovery?

would that i could get into your brains, my little tenders.
crawl in, just at the slope in your ear [pinna!] and whisper to you that behind the mud and the smoke there is one thing you need; one thing you crave; one thing that you should strive for every day, every moment, right now.
and that is connection.
the rest of it doesn't matter.
the rest of it is just details, semantics, distractions, abuses, bullshit.
open your eyes, open your hands, open whatever opens.
let something in.
it doesn't matter how that part manifests for you.
can't you see that someone is trying to get through to you?

my father, in his great bewilderment, had written that he wanted to be found.
he wanted it so badly that he wrote it six times over.
find me!
find me!
find me!
find me!
find me!
find me!
he wrote asking for us to take the risk.
take the risk.

do you understand?
take the risk, you beautiful, exciting people!
you are alive and existing.
connect with one another.
there is time.
take the risk.
we will be here.