Saturday, April 23, 2011

great yes!

"at the side of the everlasting why, there is a yes! and a yes! and a yes!" -e.m. forster [a room with a view]

my sweet ones.
say yes.
life is short.
take the risk.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

great laugh!

laughter: the reactive force.
laughter: the performatory showing.
laughter: the cathartic chopping.
laughter: the audible expression or appearance of excitement, an inward feeling of joy or humor. 

Robert Provine [profesor de psicología y ayudante de dirección del programa de neurociencia de la universidad de maryland!] suggests that laughter is one of the first forms of communication by we humans and that laughter evolved into talking.  what a remarkable curse and blessing. 

laughter stems from the limbic system in our formidable and unhinged brains.  the limbic system deals with functions that pertain to our ability to thrive.  that is to say, it's a form of survival.  to laugh is to live, little tenders.

we humans are not the only livers-and-breathers to laugh.  our furry foreparents, current cousins and long-distance twice-removed tenders are also great laughers.  blessed be they who open their traps and howl at the great humours and joys of life.

laughter is an act of vulnerability.  an open mouth and revealed neck is a great risk in the animal kingdom.  it's a great risk in our weighty little kingdom too.  it's a kill shot.  but honey, ain't we precious.  don't we just love to see an exposed neck full and strained from the horn of laughter?  doesn't this release, this vibrating sing-song of pure, unsullied joy make you feel like you're a part of something magical?  because you are!

so laugh.
my sweet tenders, if there is nothing else in this world, let there be laughter.
let there be a great howling amongst us.
let there be joy!