Tuesday, October 2, 2012

great season!

hi little tenders.
o autumn.
it's really here!
every year i look forward to october.

whether it is a harbinger of the coming winter or a eulogy to the dearly departed summer, october always fulfills it's rustling promise of gifts!

so many colours: rust, citrine, ochre, russet, tawny, pumpkin, amber, burnt mahogany.
ugh ugh ugh
cozy early nights
sweaters.  layers.
burnished beasts.
baked goods.
root vegetables!
and to quote my darling honey: "general toe-warming and snug-as-bugging".

embrace the change!
o hey, i also have a second blog now.
it's called feastfestival and it's all about words and communication and interesting literary thingys.